Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Guess the Song Challege

Guess the Song Challenge - a fun game to do with friends, your kids,  or even your partner.

What's happening, readers! I hope y'all are doing good during this odd time. Things finally seem to be looking up for most of us but many parents are still having to struggle with entertaining their kids at home during this lockdown.

Well, today, I found something fun that I wanted to share with everyone. Check out Guess the Song Challenges on Youtube.

Guess the Song Challenges

I stumbled onto these challenges by chance today when I was looking up some songs from my youth, you know back when music was still good, and seeing how many songs my daughter knew.

I'm proud to say I've raised her well enough that she correctly identified Korn, Green Day, and Nirvana! Among many others.

So with these challenges, you listen to a short clip and then you have a certain amount of time to guess the song to get a point. Get double points if you guess the singer and song title. Single point for just the artist.

Pick Your Tastes

I loved checking out the 80's, 90's, and 2000's challenges. I got most of them right. There were a few I didn't know but I'll forgive myself because they weren't very good songs. LOL.

If you have children who enjoy modern pop music, challenge them to a game of Guess that Song or What are the Lyrics? 

My children and I had a blast singing and dancing around our living room. They got plenty of exercise. I got to show them GOOD music. And everyone actually got along! Shocking, to say the least.

Walt Disney 

Got younger kids? There are plenty of Disney editions of Guess that Song. My kid stomped my butt in one but I redeemed myself the second round.

Make It Competitive

If you want a fun twist to this game, make it a drinking game. Adults only, of course. For every song you don't know, you have to take a shot. Or perhaps a sip of beer since some of these lists have a lot of songs on them. 

You'd be wasted after the first video if you don't know your stuff. 

I've linked to a few of my favorites and I'm thinking about making a few of my own if I ever get the time. Keep dreaming, I know. 

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel if you don't already subscribe. I haven't got much on there yet but I link to all the videos I include in this blog, as well as fun songs I love to listen to. 

Hopefully, in a few days, I'll have a few videos uploaded of my kids participating in the Guess that Song Challenges. 

Chat with Me

Know a fun challenge I might enjoy? Share it in the comments. Or tag me in social media. I love getting fan mail and interacting with my readers. Don't be shy. You can even share your own Guess that Song Challenge with me.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Mardi Gras and Frank Foster - My Favorite Time of Year

Frank Foster
King of Country Music Frank Foster
Hey everyone! How have you been? I know it's been forever since I've posted and I promise I will get better at posting more often. It's one of my New Year's resolutions for 2020. Have you set any resolutions for yourself? I've decided to focus on being happy and expanding my own blogs rather than focusing so much on writing for other people. Of course, spending more time with my kids and boyfriend is another resolution but who doesn't make that one for their families?

Big things are coming so y'all need to be sure and check in often. If you're not already, you should be following me on social media. I've got two more blogs in the works so y'all can get your fill of me for all types of topics - animals, motherhood, relationships, music. I've got it all.

It's slow going at the moment and I'm a random poster but that will be changing soon too. I'm about to blow it up!

Mardi Gras 2020

So I know you're not here to hear me ramble about resolutions. You're here to talk about our very serious addiction: music. And music is exactly what has inspired me to jump onto here and shout to the world how excited I am. It's my favorite time of year - Mardi Gras. And Frank's back!

As a music lover, Mardi Gras is a blast for me. You get to watch all the cool floats go by. You get to dance to music. You get to catch beads. And for those of you who like to party, it's the perfect time to par-tay. My children have been begging to go to a parade for the last few years so I think it's time to take them down to the Coast for a visit.
Throw me something mister

Come February 21st, we hope to be southbound in time to be screaming "Throw me something mister" at the parade Saturday morning in Biloxi. We're all pretty excited so fingers crossed that things go right so we can take a Mardi Gras vacation.

As much as I love Mardi Gras, it doesn't compare to how excited I am for March 20, 2020. My all-time favorite artist, Frank Foster, is coming back to Memphis and yours truly will be at the show, for the third year straight. Folks, if you enjoy country music, I cannot stress enough the urgency with which you should check out Frank.

As the new King of the South, Frank reminds fans of what country music is supposed to be about. You might not have heard of him because he's an independent artist who's found tons of success from his loyal followers. But you rarely hear his music on the radio. Why not? Because he paved his own way in the music industry by opening his own record label, Lone Chief Records.

He's been on the billboard charts and yet most people haven't heard of him. Like seriously, why the hell not? We're all Blue Collar Boys (and girls). I mean, I'm cool with things as they are because his shows are the best around because they're smaller. You get more interaction with him. And let me tell you folks, this man knows how to put on a show!

The band is freaking awesome and knows how to get your feet moving. Frank stays full of energy and interacts with the crowd. You're guaranteed to have a damn good time. I'm happy to say I'm one of Frank's Biggest Fans (yep, it's a song!). And let's not forget the rest of the fans of FF Nation. We come from all around and congregate together to share our love of the best country star in existence today. Even Hank Williams loves him. Just last year, I was at a Frank and Hank show in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Sara Trimble in a Frank Foster shirt

So worth the drive! Everyone knows I'm a music junkie but I'm here today to admit that I'm also a hardcore Frank addict. There is no cure - not that I'm looking for one. I'm happy to travel to another state to get my fix a few times a year. Yeah, my problem is that bad y'all. I'm just a Good Ole Girl. Listen to his music. Come to a concert and see if you don't feel the same!.

Have I convinced you that you want to check out Mr. Frank Foster live? His tickets for the Memphis show are on sale now but you have to hurry if you want to get them before they sell out. And trust me when I say they are going super quick. This isn't a concert you want to miss, folks. Let me know if you're going to be there! I love meeting fans.

And as a word of advice, tickets were cheaper through this link than using StubHub or any other ticket agency. Frank's worth every penny you spend but you'll certainly want to save enough money to bring home some Frank fan wear. I've got a shirt and koozie from every concert I've been to. Even my kids love Frank! Here's their favorite song.

We're a Frank Family around here! My daughter likes to match her dad's support for Frank.

HMU in the comments and let me know what's your favorite Frank Foster song. Until next time, let the good times roll.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Local Artists Feature

Getting your name out there is one of the most important, and hardest, things an artist has to do. If you're self-promoting, it's even harder because there's so much. Website. Social media. Blog. Concert schedule. Fan response. Updates. It goes on and on.

Since I know what it's like to self promote, I'm always helping promote others in my own way, even when they'll never even know because they have so many loyal fans out there. But if I can bring even one new fan their way, then I have succeeded. I believe music should be shared. It should be appreciated. That's what this blog is all about. Sharing music.

Memphis Bridge, spanning the Mighty Mississippi River

I was listening to my Spotify playlist today when a song came on that gave me the inspiration for this post. Lil Wyte said it best when he said, "I can't even count how many legends my city's made ..." It got me to thinking, just how many artists do I know that is from my area? For those of you who don't know, my area is about 30 miles north of the city of Blues, Memphis. Guess you might be able to see why I'm such a music lover, huh? I grew up going to concerts on Beale Street. So let's see who hails from here, shall we?

Beale Street, Memphis, TN

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake (Image: GQ)

Who doesn't know this household name? This famous singer came from the same podunk area I'm located and it's not hard to find someone who remembers growing up with Justin, pre-Nsync (for you younger generations, this was a boy band he belonged to in the '90s to early 2000s).

He's certainly come a long way from appearing alongside Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is now one of the most known singers in the world. This just goes to show that you don't have to be from a big city to make it in showbiz.

Three 6 Mafia

Nothing brings back the nostalgia of my youth like Three 6 Mafia. Living in a small town meant we spent Friday and Saturday nights cruising the strip, bumping Two Way Freak or Baby Momma. Yeanknow? Some members of this group have broken out on their own and found success, while others might not be as well known. But you know what they say ... it's hard out here for a pimp. That's right. If you've seen Hustle and Flow, you've heard Three 6 Mafia.

Three 6 Mafia

DJ Paul is one of the founding members of Three 6 and one of the only two original members left. He's also the producer of all of their albums. He's tried his hand at a solo career and is one of the more well-known members.

Juicy J is another founding member of Three 6 and is also still active. He is one of the members that went beyond the group and really found success. My kids love his remix with Katy Perry "Dark Horse". He's also collaborated with well-known artists like Kevin Gates, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, and Lil Wayne, just to name a few. Not bad for someone who started out in one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

Lord Infamous is another one of the co-founders of Three 6 Mafia and was also born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He was the half brother of DJ Paul. Lord Infamous wasn't able to become as successful as some of the other group members and ended his partnership with Three 6 after getting arrested. Sadly, he passed away from a heart attack in 2013.

Koopsta Knicca also isn't very well known. He was with Three 6 Mafia from 1991-2000, when he had to leave the band due to incarceration. He released multiple albums was never able to gain much of a fan base, outside of Memphians and loyal Three 6 fans. He passed away in 2015 after complications with a stroke that left him unresponsive and on life support.

Crunky Black joined Three 6 in 1993 and continued to collaborate until 2006. At that time, he dissolved his role in the group, citing a desire to branch out as a solo artist. There were some disputes between him and group members, Juicy J and DJ Paul, which also contributed to the breakup. Since being solo, he hasn't released anything since 2015.

Gangsta Boo was the only female to ever be an official member of Three 6. She's had a bit of moderate success on her own but she's collaborated with tons of folks. To me, she is the Queen of Hip Hop and helped pave the way for artists like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj.

Lil Wyte:

Lil Wyte (Image: Lil Wyte)

If you listened to Three 6 back in the day, you've no doubt heard some collabs between them and this rapper. Nowadays, you'll most likely hear him with Jelly RollLil Wyte is at the top of my favorite artists from my area and my kids love him too. He raps about what life is like around here. Some of his songs are about the hardships of life and growing up in Frayser, a very dangerous place, and some are about living it up country style. The song Come Ride was actually filmed right next door to my best friend's house. His line, "80 acres in Tipton County is where I be kicking ..." Yep. That's my area!


Leebo Music (Image: Leebo Music)

Since I've mentioned Tipton County, let me introduce you to a new up and coming hick-hop artist Leebo. He's from the same stomping grounds as me and I've seen him perform a few times at local bars. He keeps the raps real about country living. If you've never experienced backwoods country, give this man a listen and learn how it's done.

Part 2: Coming Soon
These are just a few artists that emerged from the infamous land of Blues. Keep an eye because part two will be coming soon with even more artists.  Do you know a local band or artist that's trying to get their name out there? Comment in the links for your chance to win a free promotional piece featuring them.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Top 10 Covers

Musical covers:

Musical covers are a source of great debate. Some people love to see their favorite artists cover their favorite songs by other musicians. Others feel that a cover is a just a lazy attempt to generate fame by riding the coattails of someone who's already found success. I happen to fall into the first category. There are so many amazing songs out there and it's fascinating to watch an artist breathe new life into a classic by giving them a different twist. Whether it's by switching genres or genders, when a song is transformed into something new, it can be a work of art.

Now, this isn't to say that you can just record you singing a song exactly as the original and expect people to be blown away by it. This may work on websites like YouTube and Vine. Country artist Luke Combs has done a ton of these before breaking out into the music scene. And I love watching these. But the difference is he wasn't relying on those videos to get him famous. He had his own music.

A truly good cover is one in which the artist remakes the song into their own unique sound but still maintains the integrity of the original. They pay homage to the artist by bringing exposure of a classic to a new generation of fans. This can often generate a lot of interest in the first version, thus increasing that artist's popularity. This is great for artists who are no longer in the spotlight or no longer performing. The Beatles, for example, no longer perform, yet they are known worldwide. Their song Yesterday has been covered more than 2,200 times! Talk about flattery. Some artists even play a part in the cover, such as Kenny Wayne Shepard. Or they adopt the cover's version and use it instead of their own, such as Bob Dylan did with his song All Along the Watchtower, covered by Jimi Hendrix.

It would take far too long to list all the different covers out there so I have chosen my top 10 favorite covers performed by rock bands. The numbers do not reflect a rating. I'd never be able to decide on a best to least favorite order. It's music! I love all of it. Get ready to rock out to some of the most well-known songs of all time. Drum roll, please …

10. In the Air Tonight

In the Air Tonight is an iconic song that has been said to be Phil Collins' signature. There are many rumors about the inspiration behind the lyrics. The most widely circulated piece of fiction is that Collins wrote the song about a man who let another man drown, rather than save him. Look here for more interesting stories. However, Collins has recently explained on The Tonight Show that the song was actually written when he was going through a divorce. That's one way to channel the different emotions that come along with a failed marriage.

There are over a dozen versions of this song but my favorite version was done by the band Nonpoint. This group is considered to be alternative metal and they give this iconic song a complete makeover with that true rocker vibe. Yet that distinct drum solo from the original is still featured and even more exciting now! If you've ever seen the remake of Miami Vice, featuring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, you've probably heard this version.

9. Blue on Black

If you were a rock fan in the 90s, I'm willing to bet you used to jam this on your Walkman. For the younger generations, that's sort of like an iPod, except we had to use cassette tapes and there was only a limited amount of space on each one. Meaning you'd have to switch tapes to listen to more songs or rewind the one you're already listening to, which generally took a minute or so. Oh, the horrors! This song is about a person knowing that no matter what you do, the person you love isn't coming back. I love the story behind the creation of this song.

The idea for the title and main idea of the song Blue on Black was decided during a jam session when songwriter Tia Sillers, who is also famous for the country song I Hope You Dance recorded by Lee Ann Womack, realized that Kenny Wayne Shepard was wearing a blue and black shirt and it dawned that if you combined the two colors, nothing changes. The color stays black. Once that idea took root, Sillers, Shepard and band member Mark Selby incorporated it into each line, such as cold on ice or match on a fire.

 I have not seen many covers of this song but the one that I have seen is definitely worth mentioning in this list. Although Blue on Black was already considered in the rock genre, heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch lent their unique sound to really give it an edge. The video that went along with the release of their cover has some pretty interesting costars in addition to the band. Not only do you hear vocals from Kenny Wayne Shepard, but there's also Brantley Gilbert and Brian May, the guitarist and songwriter for the legendary band Queen. Yes, ladies. This video has lots of yummy eye candy! Don't be shy. Take a peek.

Another reason for my high approval of this cover is that the video is dedicated to first responders and all proceeds that originate are donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation. This foundation, created by actor Gary Sinise, Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump, was set up to provide multiple programs and services for all of our nation's heroes, from soldiers to first responders and everything in between. Who doesn't love a bad boy with a cause?

8. Sound of Silence

 This is probably the most dramatic cover on this list. From folk genre to heavy metal … huh? Yeah, you read that right. Simon and Garfunkle originally released this song in 1964 but it bombed horribly. The duo ended up splitting up until 1966 when producer Tom Wilson changed the sound, shooting the song to number one. After that, the couple found great success and multiple hits. I love learning facts about songs I enjoy and this is no exception. There's a theory that the lyrics were written as a response to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. However, Simon has disputed that claim and states instead that the lyrics are about people not communicating.

This song has been covered by twenty different artists but my all-time favorite version was done by heavy metal band Disturbed. Lead singer David Draiman is known for his screaming vocals, however, he reached outside his usual register and seduced the listener with a slow, deep rasp that sends chills down your spine. This band has a distinct sound with shrilling guitars and heavy drums, yet in this cover, they have toned down their distinctive sound to let the lyrics really take the spotlight. Take the time to hear a softer sound to such a hard band.

7. Thunder Rolls

Country music is one of those weird genres. Some people love it and refuse to deviate to other genres. While others think that country music is just a bunch of drunk rednecks singing about cheating lovers, dead dogs, and drinking beer. Regardless of your opinion, you have most likely heard of globally known artist Garth Brooks. Furthermore, you probably know the song Thunder Rolls. This seems to be a generally loved song from many people, including those who hate country music. Perhaps it's due to the hard guitar riffs that compliment the intense lyrics to create a piece that is tense with emotion. Or perhaps it's the controversy around a song being written about a physically abusive cheating husband and a wife who can no longer take it.

Regardless of what bridges the gap, it's no surprise that someone decided to turn this song into a true rock ballad. Two years ago, heavy metal rock band All That Remains added the electric guitars, upbeat tempo on the drums, and a low gravelly voice with a slight echo that seamlessly blends into a hard sexy growl. Female vocalist Diamente Azzura upped the lyrics up by adding her powerful pipes as backup. The tinny piano at the end is a perfect compliment to how this song goes from soft and soulful to hard and angry.

6. Turn the Page 

Bob Seger is a classic rock icon. He still sells out shows to this day. He's coming close to where I live this fall and I wanted to see him in concert. Until I saw tickets were over a $100 apiece. As a mom of four, I think I'll have to stick to just listening to him on Spotify for the time being. But how cool would it have been seeing him live when he sings Old Time Rock n Roll? The anthem for many of us about the music today. Seger summed it up perfectly when he said “That kinda music ain't got the same soul. I need that old-time a rock n roll.” Given Seger's penchant for writing songs that you can relate to, it's no wonder he found the inspiration for Turn the Page while on tour.

This song gives us an inside look at what it's like living life on the road in a turbulent time when men were ridiculed for having long hair. Appearances have always been a topic of controversy and this is no exception. It was a snide comment from a stranger that became the inspiration for the lyric “Is that a man or a woman?” In typical rocker fashion, Seger and the boys of the Silver Bullet Band thumbed their nose at conventions and ended up proving all the naysayers wrong in the process. Way to go guys!

Almost thirty years later, infamous rock band, Metallica caused a resurrection of this classic. Seconds into the song, the sliding guitar causes chills to erupt along your skin. Who doesn't love that sound? Metallica is one of those bands that has a very distinct musical sound and this cover is no exception. Drummer Lars Ulrich immediately ensures you know exactly which version you're listening to. And once lead singer James Hetfield joins in, the audience is taken on an emotional roller coaster. You can feel the despair, the humility, the fear. It's almost like a whole new song. While Seger was using this song to demonstrate his struggle as a rock star on tour, Metallica twists the song to portray a single mother stuck in a life of prostitution. It's always interesting when an artist thinks outside the box.

5. Rolling in the Deep

This is one of only two females on this list and also one of the more newer artists. Adele has only been on the music scene a relatively short time compared to some of the other artists listed, but no one can doubt her sheer talent. With powerful vocals and a bluesy rich voice capable of hitting jaw-dropping notes, Adele is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The audience can feel the emotion in every word. Her hit song Rolling in the Deep is a testament to this talent. This is the perfect breakup song and was written after a breakup with songwriter Paul Epworth.

Putting your own twist on a song can be interesting, but when an artist can cross genres and genders, it's even more amazing. Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park decided to give this a try. And I'm happy to say I found it to be very successful. Linkin Park is known for angry, quick vocals and loud instruments. However, to achieve the perfect cover, Chester slowed his vocals down and allowed us to see a deeper side to this hard rocker. Accompanied by just a piano, Chester hit notes that you never would have expected him to be able to achieve. This cover is guaranteed to have impressed even Adele herself. It made it to number one in the United Kingdom but tragically, Chester Bennington died in 2018 before it could be released in the United States.

4. Got Money 

When you see this entry, you might find yourself scratching your head. How could a rap song be a good cover? Well, it is Lil Wayne so is it really that hard to imagine anything of his becoming a rock song? After all, he does have a whole album dedicated to a rock sound, although he is famous for his hardcore raps, often based on life as a gang member down in New Orleans. Wayne faced a lot of criticism for his decision to try his hand at a more rock sound but I personally commend him. As I've mentioned, I love crossing genres as well as things that are out of the ordinary. There's only so many Auto-Tune songs you can listen to before you start to get bored.

 Lil Wayne is one of those artists that has collaborated with a bunch of different people. Some that are a bit odder than you would expect, such as Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the band Korn. Davis and his band appeared in Lil Wayne's rock ballad Prom Queen, in which Wayne demonstrated his skater tastes and musical abilities by playing drums and guitar. Given this piece of data, it is not surprising that Got Money, originally sang by Lil Wayne and T-Pain was covered by Jonathan Davis later on. Got Money is your typical rap song, basically boasting about being rich and spending money on girlfriends and strippers.

However, if you decide to check out the video, you'll see a different spin on things. Lil Wayne is one of those artists who is proud of where he comes from and he is very vocal about his hometown of New Orleans. But who wouldn't be? It's an amazing city, full of culture and history. When Katrina hit in 2005, destruction was everywhere and it seemed like little was done to help rebuild. In the video, Lil Wayne and his gang rob a bank. He gets arrested but Birdman, a well-known rapper, and mentor to Lil Wayne gets away with the money and gives it to the citizens of New Orleans, who have been forgotten fourteen years after Katrina. I always enjoy when artists shed light on serious subjects.

Johnathon Davis said in an interview that he decided to do a cover of Got Money after it was recommended that he could lend his unique style to it and create a whole new sound. Well, they were right! Being a fan of Lil Wayne's already, Davis thought it sounded like a good idea and got the whole band involved. The song automatically starts off different, with hard guitars, violins, and drums. Once Davis adds in his thrashing voice, it's clear this isn't Lil Wayne's version. However, Davis did pay homage to Wayne's style by using Auto-Tune and not changing the lyrics when it says “DJ show me love, he say my name when the music stop. Young Money, Lil Wayne then the music drop.”

3. Simple Man 

Lynyrd Skynyrd is known as being one of the greatest southern rock bands in existence. Their trademark song, Sweet Home Alabama, has been featured on dozens of movies. And it's one of those songs that you hear being played by bands in bars all across this country. As was typical of the time, this song spoke of controversy. Simple Man is a song of pure emotion about a mother giving advice to her son. Skynyrd gave the song a slow bluesy rhythm and a quicker tempo during the instrumentals. It's a much different sound from their usual southern rock anthems.

Rock band Shinedown, known for the smooth, rich voice and high register of lead singer Brent Smith, did true justice of their cover of this familiar classic. Deciding to go with just an acoustic guitar, Smith let the vocals shine through as he keeps it simple and sweet. Much like the lyrics suggest. There was no power housing with this version. And Smith picked the perfect places to take the notes to a higher range. the listener on a moving journey, much as the original.

 2. Zombie 

The Cranberries came out with Zombie in 1994. Lead singer Dolores O'Riordan's rich voice combined with the softer punk sounds of the guitar and drums in a beautiful melody. O'Riordan's sound set her apart from other female artists as she goes from soft and subtle to a raw powerhouse. A perfect accompaniment for the moving lyrics of this song, which she based on the IRA bombings in Ireland. Not only did she provide an emotional deliverance but she gave a shout out to her motherland in the process. Talk about a good role model.

When O'Riordan heard that rock band Bad Wolves wanted to do a cover of Zombie, she was eager to be a part of it. Sadly, she was found dead before she got the chance to get into the studio. However, Bad Wolves released their version anyway and donated all proceeds to O'Riordan's children. Such a heart-melting story! Lead singer Tommy Vext said that they wanted their cover to be in her memory. The use of electric guitars and hard drums gave this remake a harder sound than the original and Vext's deep gravel voice was a perfect match to the powerful lyrics.

 1. Kiss from a Rose 

When you think of R & B artist Seal, you probably imagine soft, soothing melodies that melt your body like warm butter. Which means it's no surprise that the producers in Hollywood chose Kiss from a Rose to go on the soundtrack for Batman Forever. For you younger generations, you might have heard it on National Lampoon's Vacation, which if you have not watched yet, is pretty hilarious. As you may have already noticed, I like including knowledge about the singer or the inspiration behind the song when possible, but unfortunately, I'm unable to with this one. While most songs have some type of inspiration behind them, this is one of those that do not. There is no backstory. There is no explanation for what it means. It is all up to the listener to interpret. This song is so pure, so peaceful, that it does not matter if there's a set meaning or not. Just enjoy!

I always say that my phone and I have such an intense bond that it often reads my mind. Well, that's how this cover made the list. While thinking about how to find a popular song that was successfully remastered but that was not widely talked about, my YouTube shuffled to Kiss from a Rose by Wake Me. I was instantly lured in by the opening riffs of the guitar. Within seconds, Seal has gone metal! Lead singer Michael Kellogg nails Seal's high pitches and adds his own touch with a sexy screaming thrash. The tempo gets faster, causing you to bob your head in unison. One particular guitar section strongly reminded me of Barracuda by Heart Not a bad group to sound like at all.

And so much more... 

I hope you found these covers to be as enjoyable as I did. And don't just stop with me. There are tons of great covers I didn't even mention. Such as All Along the Watchtower, originally done by Bob Dylan but covered by artists such as Jimi Hendrix and the Dave Matthews Bands, both of which are amazing versions. There are tons of great articles out there listing the best of the best and in my experience, there's always different songs on them so read more than one. And don't forget, I'm always interested in hearing new covers so feel free to add to my list in the comments.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Music: The most powerful drug in the world

She talks to angels ~ The Black Crowes

My daughter once asked me why I spend so much time listening to music. Simply put: to feel. To live. No matter what kind of mood you are in, there is a type of music for you. It's a way to express yourself when words fail. Music brings different people together. It can create unbreakable bonds between the most unlikely of possibilities. It transcends time. It enhances conversations. It helps your mood. As a very good friend told me, music is everything. It helps you be free, mind, body, and soul.

A good song can evoke emotions and take you on a journey. It can change your whole outlook on a situation. It can steal your soul. You could hear a song from twenty years ago and it's like you're back in that moment, reliving it all over again. It's your own personal time machine. So crank up the volume and take that trip!


For some people, such as myself, music centers you. It keeps you calm when your world is in turmoil. It can take you down memory lane and evoke deep feelings. It gives you something to relate to. Music is your best friend. It understands that there are different sides of you, even those that you may not show to the world. There is no judgment. No right or wrong. Music never lets you down.

You can always count on music to understand, to relate, to make you feel better. Once you hit a rough spot in life and you turn to music to help you cope, it becomes an addiction. You crave that feeling. That escape. The distraction from your problems. Music is therapy.


I asked multiple music junkie friends of mine the same question. Why is music important? Most of them had the same reasons as I do. But one, being the awesome person that he is, gave me an answer that summed it up perfectly. One note can change your soul. I've never heard anything so true. You don't just enjoy a good song. You experience it. The lyrics touch you in a way that a conversation just can't. It makes you feel like there is someone out there who can read your mind.

With just a few lyrics, you realize you are not alone. Someone out there understands your pain, your anguish, your love, your fear, your compassion, your love for life. A good song will flow through your veins like the strongest drug. It makes you bob your head and move your feet. Your heart will race. You get light headed. It's almost like falling in love and you can't help but sing along. There have been multiple studies conducted by scientists which show that while listening to music, your body produces the chemical dopamine, which is basically our brain's way of rewarding us when we fulfill a need, such as eating, sex, or using drugs. So it is true, in fact, that music is a drug and you can experience the same feelings of euphoria, addiction, and withdrawals,

Still not convinced? How about the fact that music is represented in almost every culture in the world and can be traced back thousands of years? It's a way to communicate. To show pride. Think of how a nation as great as the United States, which is so full of diversity because of different beliefs and races, unites over one song. It makes people cry, it makes them proud, it makes them show respect.

Even nature makes its own music. Drive out to the country on a warm summer night, shut off your truck and just listen. Crickets chirping. The gurgle of a creek. Frogs croaking for rain. The rustle of the wind through the trees. It fills you with peace. Music is everywhere if we just take the time to listen and enjoy. What makes music special to you?

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hello World

Welcome to the Mind of a Music Junkie. In case the title didn't make it clear, I consider myself a full-time music fanatic. I love all things music. Learning interesting facts about artists, stories behind the song lyrics, covers, and discovering new talent. This is the start of my blog so I'm not sure which direction it will be going in but we'll discover that together. Don't forget to follow me on #Instagram and #Twitter too!

I love discussions so please make sure to leave a comment on anything you've read or if you have an idea for something I should consider a post about. I'm open to having guest bloggers or to help advertise new upcoming artists so don't be shy.

For my opening post, let's talk covers. Who doesn't love hearing their favorite artists cover their favorite songs from other people? It's not an uncommon occurrence to go to a concert and hear that band play another person's music. Sometimes they leave it exactly as the original artist, which is okay. But when they put their own spin on it, that's when it becomes more.

There is no way to list all my favorites so I'll stick with two. Blue on Black, originally done by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Recently redone in 2018 by Five Finger Death Punch. As an added treat, the new video just released this month includes FFDP, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, country singer Brantley Gilbert (yes ladies this video has lots of eye candy) and legendary guitarist and songwriter Brian May from Queen.

The reason I bring attention to this video, besides the fact that it is a kickass cover, is because it is a tribute to first responders and all proceeds support the Gary Sinese Foundation. Who doesn't love a bad boy who supports a good cause? For those of you who don't know the name, hopefully, this will help.

The second cover I've been mooning over recently is Rolling in the Deep, originally sung by pop star Adele and amazingly recreated by Linkin Park. I love when artists are brave enough to not just cross genres but genders as well and make it into their own creation. And who doesn't love the late Chester Bennington? Sadly yet another musical star lost before we could see all that he was capable of. If you're a fan of either Adele or Linkin Park, I highly recommend this video for your viewing pleasure.

So, now that I've shown you mine, let me see yours!